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Considers itself to be a "project label" in the fields of electronic pop music (like New Electronica, Drum and Bass, Ambient, Jungle and HipHop), that always confuses and irritates. The internationally acting label has been realising various concepts on CDs and LPs since 1999 and has invited several musicians to these projects. The style of music and the choice of the musicians result of the concept and the context. Strong individualism in the politics of the label and the rules, like reception in the media and channels of distribution and unforeseeable programming are the further ranges of action amongst the ruling structures that are permanently infiltrates and defined in new ways. By the way of musical collaboration (between Vienna-Detroit-Tokyo-Colorado-Toronto-Leipzig) individual personalities can be presented on the sublabel "Craft Records".

To make a difference to Subetage Records the label Craft Records
presents individual projects in which the choice of songs and the arrangement
are made by the invited artists themselves.
>> CRAFT Records

____ fabrics interseason ® acts as creative pool, which - embedded in the ideological context of Sabotage Communications - samples in a collective working process trends and phenomena of our time and remixes them to create a timeless design.
Since the team ____ fabrics interseason ® does not see themselves as fashion designers, but as stylists, who are also active in art and graphic design, ____ fabrics interseason ® defines itself as an inter-seasonal label- offside the frequented "prét a porter rush hour" of the fashion business.
>> www.fabrics.at

CASH is the odour of money. CASH has been created by the Austrian creative label Sabotage Communications during an 8 months long period of research. The odour was modelled on a fresh-printed 100 US dollar note, that had been examined for the essential olfactory components in collaboration with an international manufacturer of perfumes. The result is worth smelling it. CASH differs greatly from usual perfumes and offers the nose a completely new experience of smell.
>> www.cash50ml.com

After the successfull presentation of CASH (the authentic scent of printfresh 100 US Dollar bills filled up in 50 ml Flacons) dedicates Sabotage themselves the olfactorial market invention of the "EURO". Soon there should be the opportunity to buy Euronotes in different national scents.
>> EU de Toilette