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The formation "Sabotage" was founded in the area of the Documenta IX in Kassel in June 1992 and will be prolongued for an indefinite time. Since 1992 more than 70 international "public sabotages" have taken place in form of performances, events and exhibitions. "Sabotage" in this sense means the braking of conventions, the artistic interruption of processes of thinking and manipulational transfer. "Sabotage" is not a technic that transports meaning. Sabotage transgresses positions without presenting a new social order, provokes thinking by intervening in the official discourse. Sabotage is the experiment to brake up incrustation of an organised bourgeois society that insulates itself against all changes and tries to make thinkable new possibilities.Sabotage communications distinguish their range of action and their maxims in different sublabels:


is considered to be a provider, a crossing point of ideas, projects, publicity, the planning and realisation of concepts and more. Sabotage Comm. tries to wake the consciousness for subtle processes, to initiate them between recipients and medium. Minimal and rigid means guide the consciousness of the public to an irritation and thus to an initial position that was defined before. Amongst the recipients of Sabotage Comm. are those who stand outside the ruling system and who work against the rules of it. They belong to different milieus and to different ruling conventions. Sabotage Comm. is the development laboratory of activities - the intern and the extern ones. The fields of activities of Sabotage defy definition of contents, theme and geographic concentration and therefor different projects and target groups are represented in different sublabels such as Sabotage Acts, Sabotage Projects, Subetage Records, Sabotage Recordings/Craft Records, CASH – The Scent of Money, ___fabrics interseason ®, and Alibi Service.

SABOTAGE ACTS (Since 1992)

The conception of Sabotage acts is not related to a special actor or the member of a social group, but to the participants of interacting events that are at the same time the spectators in front of which they represent themselves. The actor creates a certain opinion of him/herself by showing his/her subjectivity more or less precise. By making inventions conscious the ignorant public is guided , separated from every day life and surroundings and confronted to new experiences. "Irritation" is the ruling factor of all actions and performances. "Irritation" disturbs the conventional reception and guides the recipient back to him/herself. By little interventions, like the changing of ambient and situation, the user is removed from his/her obvious social intercourse (in perception, function and acting). Thus irritating feelings are provoked in the recipients that refer to the respective context and set in motion the interaction. The recipient of Sabotage Acts is standing alone. During the "Sabotage" the participants make use of this fact. They guide their interaction by regulating the access to their own subjectivity. The "Sabotages" distinguish four priorities according to the contexts:

  • cultural political respect
  • social, political and economic context
  • manipulation and negation of communication
  • reference phenomena in fringe groups